Blackwolf Run Restaurant

Imagine my surprise when I am away for a nice night away with my wife at a Kohler’s 5 start resort on the Lake Michigan coast of WI, when I see the menu and there they are, staring me in the face. Blackwolf Run’s $22 chicago and waffles are no ordinary chicken and waffles. These were 2 medium-sized sweet potato and maple waffles together with perfectly friend buttermilk dark meat chicken served with greens and pickled onions with a chipotle honey butter. Normally, I consider myself a chicken and waffle purist, but this was just marvelous. The Waffles were tender yet crispy on the outside, the sweet potato was present but not overpowering and greens on the side provided a nice balance. Even though Blackwolf Run Restaurant has been honored with the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence since 2002, I opted for a Belhaven Jigger Ale, the Scottish Ale brewed in St. Andrews and only available at Kohler properties.

I highly recommend not only a visit to Kohler’s American Club, but sampling their chicken and waffles!

Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food

If you want a classic chicken and waffles (and soul food) and happen to be in San Jose area, then look no further than Lillie Mae’s House of Soul Food. It’s sister restaurant, Lillie Mae’s House of Chicken & Waffle closed down and recently merged into the House of Soul Food.

Dave and I hit this spot on August 23rd for lunch and found a gem to rival the best.  We both opted for the standard chicken and waffles, what else would you get!

I also grabbed a side of hush puppies. I can’t turn down a good hush puppy!

We then had to wash it down with none other than sweet tea and grape Kool Aid.

I have to say, we both ate far too much and would’ve ended up in a food coma if weren’t for the Cortado’s we had afterwards at Roy’s Station Coffee & Tea (side note, great Cortado!).

Lillie Mae’s reminded me of why I love the classic chicken and waffle – when you’ve hit perfection, no need to mess with it.